A False Faith

I remember I would always plan a back up in the event that plans did not work out (contingency).

A week ago, I was in service and the word “contingency” popped into my mind. Let me define the word first. A contingency is defined as another event besides a regularly scheduled event you are in. With that defined, this can only bring one question to the light:

If we have our contingency plans, is that where our faith is? Do we not have faith in God to handle what He already knows will happen?

My personal opinion is yes. In the Bible, we learn that faith is based on what we hope for, but do not see. Another verse says to walk by faith and not by sight.

Picture air/wind. It blows and we breathe it in and out, yet we cannot see it. Merely its effects.

That being learned, I can ask why we do not believe in a God we cannot see and is clearly real? How does that make sense? We should trust that He is there and real!



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