Free to be crazy

As I was leaving work yesterday, I was reminded of someone I come in contact with a lot. They wear outfits that we would consider to be odd and different, while we would wear the more popular clothing. I also think about the people that this person hands out with. They would be like us, wearing normal street clothing.

There is also another group of people. They do not hang out with this person. Instead they would go and make fun of this person, laugh at this person and more than likely, judge this person (the truth shall make you free…I’m just sayin’)

This had me thinking about some things. Which group am I in? Which group best describes my actions? Which group would you like be in? What group do your actions identify you with? I know we all would like to say that we would like to be in the first group, tolerant of everyone. The first group has something that I believe we as Christians believe we have, but sometimes do not act that way. What is it?

Unconditional love.

We want to be like the first group, but we are more like the second group. We tend to make fun of people (calling it sarcasm, as if that actually justifies our negative actions), look down on them and even judge them for not being like us. (Wow. Harsh, huh?)

How do we change? What would it cost us? How can we even identify when we are like the second group?

1. Use the popular phrase, ‘what would Jesus do?’ with actions. We need to look at how Jesus interacted with the people we may consider to be less desirable. Let us be like Jesus and begin to accept the people we wouldn’t normally accept.

2. Begin renewing your mind with God’s help. Prayer changes things. Point blank!

3. Begin renewing your mind with God’s Word. There are many verses in the Bible that should be able to help you.

4. Walk in it! The first three points are fine, but it’s a constant choice to accept someone when we find them to be weird.

Point of this blog: God loves us just as we are. We as His heirs should do the same.


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