A Visit from last year via Facebook

I found a note I wrote in Facebook last year, and I needed to share:

A couple of thoughts in “love month”

by Ronnel L. Jones on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 10:56pm ·

1. Know the person. Know what they like, what they aspire to do in life, (BIG ONE!) how is their RELATIONSHIP with God.

2. If you are to get together, will they love God more than they will EVER love you?…enough said

3Be supportive of their ministry. This is easy if you serve in the same ministry or ministries.

4. Love enough to resolve conflict.


6. Look past the small stuff. Sometimes, you will learn to love the small stuff.

7. DON’T BOW YOUR KNEE FOR THEM BECAUSE YOU “LOVE” THEM OR THEY “LOVE” YOU!!!!! Don’t let some fool (male AND female) trick you by saying “if you love me, you’ll…” They got love confused with another 4-letter word (lust)

8. If you are planning on marrying the person, PLEASE try and let all the past junk from previous relationships go! So many relationships are infected by the dormant viruses from pat relationships (unhealthy soul ties).

9. Don’t let someone you are dating bring your relationship with God down!!!!!!!! Somewhat sounds like 7, but you don’t have to have sex to fall into a trap set by the enemy. It is being unequally yoked and that could be in a dating situation, marriage situation, work situation, etc. Anyway, like I always say “it’s a trick!”


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