27 Habits Of Effective Worship Leaders (a reminder)

This was something I found a while ago and I really do believe it calls to this generation and its worship leaders:

Worship leaders are more than song leaders.

They are more than entertainers who warm people up before a message. What do great worship leaders do?


1. Love Jesus

2. Spend time with Jesus

3. Study the Bible

4. Empower other musicians

5. Accept constructive criticism

6. Don’t take themselves too seriously

7. Hold their talents loosely

8. Always improve

9. Worship behind closed doors

10. Study other worship leaders

11. Constantly seek the “why” behind the “what”

12. Submit to their lead pastor’s vision

13. Work hard on planning and preparation

14. Communicate to their team often

15. Share vision to their team

16. Encourage other worship leaders

17. Listen to the Holy Spirit

18. Flow spontaneously

19. Love their congregation

20. Engage people in worship

21. Pastor people in worship

22. Keep their eyes open often

23. Come with expectation

24. Constantly raise others up

25. Engage with the mission of the church

26. Believe in the power of singing

27. Anticipate a move of God


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