What This Is…


The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about another friend that connected me to my church that now works at a “gentleman’s club” (I use the term loosely). That’s not what this post is about (however, keep her in prayer).

I met the aforementioned friend (that I was talking to about the other friend) when she was in a bad relationship. My friend who works at that club I met when she was in a bad relationship. The guy she was in a relationship with ran into a couple of years back and he was now the one in the bad relationship (she was now the negative in the relationship).

I used to ask God why. Why would these people gravitate to me? Did I have a great relationship track record?

Certainly not.

I have found this to be the answer: I am not a minister or pastor ordained by an organization, however I have been anointed for this. Why? Only God will know this answer, however I have learned not to ask why and just continue until God says stop.


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