BAD Graphic Ideas for Sermon Series (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of BAD Graphic ideas for Sermon Series:

Bad Graphics 1 Bad Graphics 2


A few more notes on this:

  1. Go with the theme of the message. If your pastor/leader has a theme, stick with that. Never go with your own thing, especially if the pastor/leader asks for something specific.
  2. If your pastor/leader does give you free reign, SHOW THEM YOUR WORK. They have the final say. That’s pretty much it on that point.
  3. If you have graphics for your verses (or points) and your title message, it needs to match. Don’t use a picture of a mountain for your title and a picture of a tree for your message. The same goes for colors and fonts.
  4. If you are using different fonts in your messages, stick to a 2-3 maximum. A reader commented that it’s everywhere she has looked. I say stick to the basics.

I think that’s about it. Be blessed!


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