Do you know who Gomer is? If not, let me take this time to enlighten you.

Gomer was the wife of Hosea in the Bible. Gomer, according to Hosea 1:2 (NLT, of course), was a prostitute. She committed adultery (I mean, let’s face it: she was ho-ing still while she was married to Hosea), yet Hosea loved her. She even left him after this and continued to be a prostitute and he STILL loved her. After some time, her looks started to go and the guys she was shacking up with didn’t want to be involved with her anymore, so she did one thing as she hit rock bottom: put herself into slavery. Hosea still loved her so much that he bought her as a slave, brought her back into his home and honored her as if she did no wrong.

Why did I decide to tell you this?

Because this is our relationship with God.

We are that of Gomer. We go out and do our own thing, whether that is partying, drinking, fornicating before marriage, etc. God still loves us. He will be there to gladly accept us as we return to Him, heads down, feeling ashamed. He forgave us once we accept Him. There is no longer a sense of shame that we should feel, because our past is just that: PAST.

My prayer for you today is that you realize God’s love for you.

Be Blessed!


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