Worship Leader stuff

NOTE: The title of the post is due to a lack of creativity right now in titles.

I have been digging deeper into worship leading and learning much more than I even thought I knew before. God is showing me things and I thought I would share with you guys:

  1. If you are a male worship leader, protect your voice. If you cannot hit the note, don’t risk it! Transpose the song (don’t know to transpose by yourself? Transposr.com and TheTabulator.com are two good websites that will help you)
  2. Don’t let a crack happen. What I mean by this is that the enemy will try to get in through the smallest crack. Drama, prima donnas and all the like are not okay to be on a team, due to the fact that it changes from “we” to “I.”
  3. Always be practicing. There are songs that I listen to that I think in my head “I want to learn that.” Instead of letting that thought just sit there, I make it happen. Case in point, I wanted to learn Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 on drums and I did. You limit yourself when you let yourself become comfortable with what you know.
  4. Always be flexible and ready to do something you don’t want to do. At one point in my worship ministry where I was a supporting vocalist and keyboard player, I let my leader know that I thought we needed to retire a song. We were ministering it that day. We come up to the song in the worship set and the congregation was singing it out and it touched my heart and I apologized to the leader and team. God knows what He is doing with songs you don’t like. Moral of this point: get over yourself. Worship leading comes with a lot of these opportunities to do so.

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