Me 003This is the story of Ronizz. I’m just your average God-fearing guy. Well, maybe not average. I love music, learning photography and Photoshop, along with other things. I have some great friends and one day, I plan to start a family.

For being 30, I have accomplished a lot more than I thought I would have. Recorded on an album/DVD concert, gone to school (twice…well, about to start the second school as of May 2014), uncle to many kids, step-father to one, husband to one (and she will be my only wife), gone to a bible college, preached, led worship…it’s mind blowing that I have been able to do this in a short amount of time.

Currently, I work in the IT profession, while simultaneously perform as an administrative assistant to a growing youth ministry in Riverside, CA. I just started bible college for the second time (new school) to further my education in Christian Studies/Youth Ministry and I cannot be anymore excited.

Well, what to expect from this site? My randomness. I am not this serious guy that only has a mind Me 002for business. I love what I do and love the fact that I can share this with the world. Hope you enjoy the randomness that comes with this. Mmmbye!


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